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Lightning fast internet speeds with no data caps and crystal-clear phone service. 

CoastConnect's ultra-fast high-speed internet and phone service is now available in select areas. Although the full build-out will take some time, we are committed to expanding this quality of life-enhancing service throughout Hancock, Harrison and Pearl River counties. 

We have set the following schedule as a goal for home installations:

In Service Now:

Derby, Crossroads, McNeil, Spence, Salem, Necaise and Roseland Park Substation Areas

Coming Soon:

Nicholson Substation Area – January 2022
Pigott Substation Area - March 2022
Rocky Hill Substation Area - May 2022
Stennis Substation Area - mid-year 2022
Waveland Substation Area - mid-year 2022
Turner Substation Area - mid-year 2022

These dates indicate when we hope to be able to begin scheduling service installations to all potential customers in the areas served by the substation indicated, however, weather and equipment delays can sometimes slow the process. Installation for homes and businesses will be ongoing. Additional areas will be announced as we continue to make progress on construction.

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Get connected with CoastConnect!

High-speed internet is here.

More than 80 years ago, Coast Electric Power Association changed the lives of rural residents of Hancock, Harrison and Pearl River counties. When the lights came on, opportunities followed. We played a key role in changing the landscape of our community all those decades ago and are proud to be part of a venture that will once again change lives in rural Mississippi for the better, and forever.

Now, we are introducing CoastConnect, a subsidiary of Coast Electric bringing high-speed internet and phone service to your homes and businesses. The service you receive will use the latest technology to bring you the fastest upload and download speeds anywhere, with no data cap, and it will be brought to you by the same friendly faces that have served south Mississippi for more than 80 years.

This place we call home is special. We have been powering our communities for generations. Now, we are honored to connect them with CoastConnect.